The Spirit of Somerville

A Memoir ™Written By Eugene C. Brune, Mayor Emeritus


Spirit of Somerville Night

In 1980 while the East Bay executives were developing the  Assembly Square Mall they went to the FBI complaining that they were under pressure from Somerville bureaucrats to pay bribes for future liquor licenses that  would be needed for the mall. An undercover agent going by the fictitious name of Jackie Collins  was the key to a federal investigation that allegedly implicated Somerville public officials and politicians in bribery, racketing and extortion. One Alderman wore a wire to tape conversations with elected officials. One Assessor went to jail as well as a former Mayor. 

When it was all over the people in

the city felt embarrassed and

frustrated with what went on in their

city.  I got together with the

Chamber of Commerce,

community groups, and Tufts

University to form a committee so

that we may have a Spirit of

Somerville Night at Caruso's

Diplomat in Saugus. It was a great

night with over 800 Somerville

citizens attending. That began the

healing process for our city.