The Spirit of Somerville

A Memoir ™Written By Eugene C. Brune, Mayor Emeritus


1979 An Exciting Election For Mayor


In 1979 Somerville held, in my opinion one of the most exciting elections for the office of mayor that I believe the city ever held.  Mayor Tom August was  a candidate for re-election to a second term. Read how he lost the election even after he lowered taxes by $14.00.  I was a candidate as well as a former Alderman at Large Paul Haley and at that time the present Ward Five Alderman Michael Capuano. We agreed that this administration was not good for the city and that one of us needed to win. I had a battle on my hands not only my attempt to beat Tom August but to stay ahead of two young and feisty worthy opponents. See how the August Administration bought up every Somerville Journal in the city.