The Spirit of Somerville

A Memoir ™Written By Eugene C. Brune, Mayor Emeritus


Opening of Assembly Mall

Camels walking the mall!


We started developing Assembly Square in the early 1980's. We had a  terrific Mall that was one time the Ford Motor Company  assembly line.  The Sack Theater had the Boston Premier of the Raiders of the Lost Arc, with search lights and live camels walking around the mall. The mall was packed with people and the movie was free, for that evening. What an exciting night! 


Mayors Inaugural Ball

I had great plans for Assembly Square but for those who do remember banks were in trouble with several of them  closing. The late 1980's  was a very bad time financially  for developing through out  the state.. I, also sat with Governor Dukakis and Secretary Salvucci to express my desire to bring the Orange line to Assembly Square and the Green line to  Somerville.  I am pleased that Mayor Curtatone is winning that battle.  You will read the first time the Mayors inaugural Ball is held in a shopping mall and more.