The Spirit of Somerville

A Memoir ™Written By Eugene C. Brune, Mayor Emeritus



In all my years in politics, being elected Mayor

of Somerville was the best job I ever loved



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After spending the past forty-three years in politics, I feel that I have many interesting stories of my life growing up in Somerville, Massachusetts.  Later years in the Army as a member of the occupational forces in Japan under General Douglas MacArthur.

Somerville is the most densely populated city in Massachusetts and was one of the top ten in the world in the 1940's. Somerville has come from being a blue collar city to one of the most sought after cities in the state. Our success came after a major outrage of citizens, pushing those in control of the city out and with that came reform to Somerville. I entered politics in1972 as a member of the reform group and got elected to the Board of Aldermen and at that time fought hard for the district that I represented by fighting to bring the Red Line subway system into Davis Square Somerville.

I later ran for mayor and was successful allowing me to continue my efforts for the subway and in 1984 we cut the ribbon. During my ten years as mayor I encounter some serious battles in my fight to get state legislation to rid the city of elected assessors and allow the city to appoint. My administration also had to go through the ordeal of a major investigation over certain politicians being investigated for extortion to the developers of the Assembly Square Mall in Somerville. The FBI made it very clear that my administration was clear of any wrong doing. My book is full of human interest stories, some sad and others funny. Those of the several citizens and friends that live, work and others throughout the state are pleased that I wrote my book and they are eagerly waiting for it to hit the book stores. To the best of my knowledge, this is the first time a book such as this has been written about a kid growing up in Somerville and being its mayor.